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Therap Training Academy

Training Academy

Self-Paced, On-Demand Training Courses

Courses Related to Therap’s Electronic Documentation
Software for I/DD Providers

Enrollment in Therap Training Academy is included for Therap Users

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Tutorial on Logging into the Training Academy:

This Video will give a summary of all the things that you need to do for logging into your Therap Training Academy.

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  • On demand training from Therap instructors
  • All courses are free
  • Quizzes to test competency and retention
  • Earn certificates upon completion

A Variety of Courses to Choose from

  • Beginning/Advanced Courses
  • Courses in Spanish
  • Excel Training
  • Provider Administration Training
  • Electronic Health Record
  • Person Centered Documentation and more

Training Managers

  • Verify staff are knowledgable in competency area
  • New courses on how to master the modules you already use
  • Invite staff to just the courses they need to take

Training Academy Courses Include

Learn Therap Skills and
Newest Features

  • Excel Tips
  • New release features
  • Individual Documentation
  • Tracking Staff Information and more
  • Tips and tricks from longtime users of Therap
  • Great for staff retraining and refreshers


  • Supplement or replace your current Agency Therap Training
  • Ensure consistent quality training across the agency
  • Contact us for more info. on how you can incorporate the Therap Training Academy into your current Therap training

Training on Your Schedule

  • 24/7 training available
  • Perfect for training cancellations, call outs and overnight staff
  • Go at your own pace and revisit the training as much as you need
  • Retake courses if you don’t pass the first time

Training Manager Account Overview

Summary: This video will walk users through the process of how to add trainees, assign courses to trainees, track progress and how to best navigate through Mindflash.

Date: September 03, 2020

Length: 21 mins 40 sec

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