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Share how much you know about Therap and how Therap has improved your life.

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  • Share your story
  • Share how Therap helps you every day
  • Meet and talk to new people

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  • Travel to new places
  • Attend Therap conferences
  • Participate in meetings with other users
  • Make videos to teach others about Therap

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Quotes from Self-Advocates and Families

I like the different modules that I use. I like to be able to look at my upcoming appts. and I like writing SComms to my staff.

Jennifer Yost, Self-Advocate

I like Therap because I can read my T-Logs that the staff write about me. I also like writing my own T-Logs. I like my job at Therap because I like talking to people about what I do on Therap and answering any questions the group may have.

Lori Schneider, Self-Advocate