A brief overview of Therap’s Billing module and how it works.

Using the Billing module to keep information about available funding sources.

How to do Billing Calculations for varied units.

Service Descriptions or Code
Instructions to create and manage a unique identification (Service Description/Code) for a service provided to an individual. The Service Description/Code is then used to store and manage information about billable services provided to that individual.

Billing Data
Instructions on how to use the Billing Data module to record billing data and prepare bills for services provided to individuals.

 Setup Billing Roles for Users in Nebraska


Enabling Cookies and JavaScript in Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

How to enable and clear cookies in MacOS X.

Training checklist for direct support staff.

Instructions to create Self Enroll user accounts.

How to generate a basic graph in Microsoft Excel.

Sorting data in MS Excel.

Basics of the filtering feature in MS Excel.

General Event Reports

Event Summary.
Preparing periodic summary reports based on General Event Reports (Incident Reports) filed.

Approving General Event Reports.
A step by step instructions for users on how to approve General Event Reports (Incident Reports).

Submitting Incident Reports through Other Users.
Instructions for reporters on how to submit Incident Reports through other users when they are not able to do it themselves..

Reviewing process of General Event Reports (Incident Reports).

Enabling Abuse And Neglect reporting on GERs.

Creating new General Event Reports (Incident Reports).

Using the search options to locate a report users need to work on.

Health Tracking

Searching and printing an appointment report.

Searching for and printing an Appointment Consultation Form.

Generating a Line Graph for Weight values in the HT Height/Weight module with custom increment values in the Y axis.

Creating an Immunization Form to store records of vaccinations, among others.

Sorting blood glucose reports by date and time of reading for a specific month.

Individual Service Plans

Entering ISP IPP Data
Steps involved in collecting data to track progress of Individual Service Plans. Learn about the Grid and Non-grid methods of data collection and find out how you can prepare reports for different review periods.

Introduction to Pivot Table
Analyze ISP Data using Pivot Table.

Creating ISP templates and creating new Individual Service Plans using a template from the library.

Publishing ISP Templates to the Global Library.

ISP Program Guide.
Creating, approving and viewing printable versions of Individual Service Plans.

Importing from Global ISP Templates

Individual Support Plan

The Individual Support Plan workflow
Overview of the person-centered planning process using Therap’s Individual Support Plan.

Creating the Personal Focus Worksheet

Preparing the Individual Support Plan
Drafting, approving and viewing printable versions of Individual Support Plan.

ISP Agenda
Organizing discussion topics for the ISP meeting and recording meeting minutes using ISP Agenda.

ISP Change Form
Editing an approved Individual Support Plan.

ISP Global Template Library

Creating ISP templates and creating new Individual Service Plans using a template from the library.

Publishing ISP Templates to the Global Library.

Importing from Global ISP Templates

Management Summaries

Calculating total number of Medication Errors from Event Summaries.

Montana Specific Materials

Setting Up Notifications.

New Mexico Specific Materials

Generating an active list of medication(s) for an individual step by step.

Getting Help with Using Therap

Personal Finance

Personal Finance module Administration
Explanation of the Administrative Capabilities for the module that can be assigned to the regular users. It also teaches how to Import data into the forms from Excel files.

Creating a new Personal Finance Account
How to create a new Personal Finance Account and how to add Card Information to the Personal Finance Account form.

Secure Communications

Sending forms using Individual Care type SComms
Sending messages that are individual based to other users from the SComm module.

Staff Scheduling

Creating a Master Program Schedule

Training Management System

TMS Roles – Quick Reference Guide

Custom Forms

Completing Custom Forms from the Test Mode – Quick Guide for the HealthMeet

Document Storage

Document Storage – Quick Reference Guide