Search for data using the Search link. Use the required fields (marked by an asterisk*) and additional fields to narrow your search

  • User Name accepts the staff or user name, not login
  • Date formats are MM/DD/YYYY, you may use the calendar tool next to the date field
  • Form IDs are generated on every form submitted, and found at the top of each document

Reviewing Individual Home

You may review an individual’s latest documentation on their Home page.

  • Unread T-logs may be reviewed over the last 7 days
  • General Event Reports (GERs) appear for the last month (you must have View or Review privileges to open a GER)
  • You may select multiple health tracking charts to display the latest health trends
  • Select the ISP Program or the last date entered to view the latest data or add new data

Export to Excel

Completed searches typically give the user an option to export the search results to Excel for further data review.

  • “Export to Excel” exports the current list results to Excel
  • “Export to Excel Detailed” or “Export to Excel (With Description) exports the current list and detailed categories not listed in the search results to Excel


  • Forms in Therap may be readily printed using the PDF link at the bottom of each page

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