Therap Reports

Pull data into reports for summary comments and recommendations. Save reports for review and additional comments.

  • Meet State and Federal Standards
  • Licensing, Surveys & External Audits
  • Assure All Required Documentation is Present
  • Aggregate Agency Wide Data
  • Display Agency Census in Real Time
  • Conduct Internal Quality Assurance Audits

ISP Data Reports

Select from multiple report types

  • Programmatic reports calculate percentages and tally documentation on tasks/goals/supports
  • Clinician reports capture comments, times, duration and service provider
  • Data Collection Monthly reports capture monthly documentation checklists per program
  • Hab Documentation Records combine monthly documentation checklists for all programs

GER and BER Management Summaries

Create ad hoc reports from the fields within the GER and BER modules.

Health Reports

Create detailed health reports, monthly health summary reports and review the latest health concerns

  • Detailed Health Tracking Reports allow access all health entries for an individual over a date range.
  • Healthcare Reports generate a detailed health report pulling health information from multiple parts of Therap with comments and recommendations
  • Monthly Health Tracking Reports identify health entries such as the highest and lowest weight entry, blood pressure, number of seizures and new medications per month
  • Health Tracking Review allows a nurse or reviewer to quickly review and sign that they’ve reviewed a health tracking event
  • Create graphic reports and charts within individual health tracking modules

Behavior Reports

Trend behavioral data and intervention frequency and effectiveness with these reports

Agency Report Library

Select from several custom-made reports tracking data across the system.

Training Academy

Self-Paced, On-Demand Training Courses: Take Courses and earn Certificates upon completion.