Dashboard Tabs/Select New

  • From the Individual, Health or Billing tabs, Select “New” next to the document to create a new form.
  • If there are items to review in your To-Do list, you may select “New” to create a new document
  • Choose an item in your Worklist on your To-Do tab if you’ve saved the form or it was returned to you by a reviewer.

Select Program/Individual

Work at multiple sites? You may choose from a location within your caseload.

  • Select an individual. Type his/her name and Apply Filter, or use the Alphabet filter to find an individual.

Quick Links

Use Quick links to take you to frequently accessed modules.

Individual Home

The Individual Home serves as the home page for individuals on your caseload. Easily track documentation for an individual from here.

Save vs. Submit, and other Therap actions

Form actions allow you to submit, save, approve, discontinue and modify documents.

Return to Dashboard

From all forms within Therap, find a link to your Dashboard at the top of each page.

Help Links

Therap Application pages have Help links to get you on the Help & Support website, post comments and feedback, share ideas and get in touch with us online.

Help & Support : Your easy link to our Help & Support website

Feedback : Have a suggestion or question? Contact us here.

Ideas : Share your ideas with the Therap community

Website : Links you to our website, www.TherapServices.net

Live Help : Stuck? Have a question? Catch us online.

Training Academy

Self-paced, on demand Training Courses. Take Courses, earn Certifications upon completion.