If you’re having trouble logging in, use the troubleshooting guide below to rule out possible issues, or contact your provider administrator if you still can’t login.

Password Troubleshooting Guide

Can’t login? We’ve all been there. Try these simple steps if you’re having trouble getting into Therap:

Step 1: Check your Caps Lock

The simplest fix could be checking that your Caps Lock isn’t on. If you’ve checked that the Caps Lock is off and you’re still unable to login, go on to step two:

Step 2: Check Another Site

Rule out that you’re not having internet connection issues. Are you reading this from the same computer you’re trying to login on? Can you access another website, such as www.google.com or www.yahoo.com? (If these sites are restricted, can you access your agency website?). If you cannot access these, you’re likely not connecting to the internet, and should contact your internet provider. If you can access another site, go on to step three:

Step 3: Check our Website

Can you access www.TherapServices.net? If we’re down for an extended period of time, we’ll post a message to users on the website. If you see such a message, wait a bit and try again a little later. Otherwise, go on to step four:

Step 4: Check our Status Website

Try the following site, www.TherapStatus.net to see if the system has been recently down. We post our current status here, and you may subscribe to alerts of downtime and status changes. If you see that the site is down, try again a little later. Otherwise, go on to step five:

Step 5: Try to Clear your Web Cache

On the rare occasion that the system is briefly down, some users will see a “Therap Unavailable” page even though their peers can login to their accounts. This may be because your web browser will cache, or temporarily store, the previous “Therap Unavailable” message instead of the actual webpage. For instructions on how to clear your web cache for different browsers, click here

Step 6: Check for Downtime Notice

If you are seeing a ‘Therap Unavailable’ page, it may mean that the system is undergoing maintenance and is not accessible at the moment. You may refer to the Downtime notice for more information on how long the system will remain unavailable and links to support materials that you can refer to during the downtime.

Step 7: Contact your Provider Administrator

If all else fails, your Provider Administrator can reset your password, even if your account is locked. They can give you a temporary password that you’ll be required to change once you login. If you’re unsure of who your Provider Administrator is, contact your supervisor who will be able to direct you.

Step 8: Admin Password Reset Request

If you are the Provider Admin./Super Admin. at your agency, please speak to another Provider Admin. who can reset your password for you. If other Provider Admins. are unavailable at the time, if you are the only one, then you will need to fill out the Super Administrator Password Reset form and will then be provided further instructions on steps to having your password reset and your login credentials provided by Therap. Click here to open the form.

We’re happy to help with Therap questions but for security purposes, Therap staff cannot reset passwords. Please contact your Provider Administrator for login help or to reset your password.

Don’t share your password – it’s your unique login credential to ensure only you can login to your account. No one from Therap will ask you for your password.