The eCHAT Summary Report is created for an Individual with the current data on eCHAT. Changes to the sections from where the eCHAT Summary Report collects data may result in a message asking the user to save a particular section of an eCHAT again. Since approved eCHAT forms cannot be edited, they have to be discontinued and the data copied to a new form.

Please Note
You may Not make an entirely new eCHAT form and re-enter data due to change in the Acuity Level.

Please follow the steps below to create new eCHAT Due to Change in the Acuity Level:

  1. In the Health tab of the Dashboard, click on the Search link in the CHAT row in the Comprehensive Health Assessment area.

    Select to open to the Individual’s eCHAT form from the search result page.

  2. At the bottom of the eCHAT form, click on the ‘Discontinue and Copy as Draft’ button. This will save it as a draft and will appear as a count on the Worklist link under the Comprehensive Health Assessment section of your Dashboard.

  3. From your Dashboard click on the Worklist link in the Comprehensive Health Assessment section beside CHAT. This will take you to the Comprehensive Health Assessment List, click on the form to open it.

  4. You may add a comment to the eCHAT providing a reason why it is being re-approved, such as for the re-calculation of the acuity score or to document why it is being discontinued.

  5. Scroll down to the bottom of the eCHAT form and click on the ‘Approve’ button. This will approve the eCHAT with the new Acuity Level. Only the users with the Health Assessment Approve role have this privilege.

    Re-approval needed for MERP/HCP rules to take effect
    Re-approval of eCHAT (by the procedures mentioned above) will be necessary for the changes in the MERP/HCP rules to take effect and reflect in the eCHAT Summary Report.

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Last Updated: Jun 19, 2016