Users with the T-Log Entry role can create T-Logs. In order to create a new T-Log, follow the steps below:

  1. From your Dashboard, click on the New link beside the T-Log row of the Individual tab.

  2. Click on the Program Name in the ‘Select Program For T-Log’ page. You can search for a Program by entering the name in the Filter field.

  3. On the ‘Select Individual’ page, click on the name of the individual for whom the T-Log is to be created.

  4. T-Logs can also be created without assigning an individual, for more information, click here.

  5. The name of the user creating a T-Log will auto-populate in the Entered By field in the information box which appears when the information icon (which appears as a ‘i’) next to the status of the T-Log is clicked.

  6. The date and time the T-Log is submitted will also auto-populate in that area once the T-Log is submitted.

  7. Enter a brief summary for the T-Log in the Summary field. Write the content of the T-Log in the Description field where up to 10,000 characters can be entered.

  8. Select the Type by clicking on the checkbox, multiple checkboxes can be selected. Select the appropriate Notification Level for your T-Log, it is selected as ‘Low’ by default.

  9. Select a time for Time In and Time Out by clicking on the drop down box. Future time can be selected in these fields.

  10. If the event being entered on the T-Log was reported by another user, the name of that user may be entered in the Reporter field. The name of the reporter will auto-populate after typing in the first few letters of the user’s name. The time and date the event was reported may be entered in the Reported On field.

  11. Users will be able to select the date and time an event was reported on for the Reported On field. To change the time, please click on the arrows or click on the numbers on the time slot.

  12. To attach a document, click on the Add File or Scan File button next to the Document Attachment field.

  13. Click on the Browse button to select the file to upload. Once done, click on the Upload button located at the bottom. The file will be attached to the T-Log. To remove the file from the T-Log, click on the Remove link. You may add description of the attached files in the Description field.

    The size of the attached file must not exceed 3MB. The maximum size of the description for attached files is 60 characters. File name can only consist of one or more alphanumeric characters, and include underscore, hyphen, period, white space, or parenthesis.

  14. To attach a photo, click on the Attach link in the Photo field row.

  15. Click on the Browse button to select the image to be uploaded. Once done, click on the Upload Image button to attach a photo. To remove the photo from the T-Log, click on the Remove link.

  16. Only one file and one photo can be added to each T-Log.

  17. Click on the Submit button to create the T-Log.

  18. A message will appear to confirm that the T-Log Entry is saved.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2017