Documentation : Individual Home Page

  1. To view the Home tab for an individual, click on the ‘Individual Home Page’ tab from your dashboard. After selecting an individual, click on the Home tab from the Individual Home Page for that individual.

  2. The ‘Latest Activity’ section of the previous Individual Home Page has been removed. Users can view the latest activities using the links under the Modules section. Each item of this section expands into a dropdown list, e.g., the ISP Data Collection Monthly Report can be generated by expanding the list under ISP Data and clicking on the Report (Last 30 Days) link.

    Release 2016.2.0: The following changes have been made to the “Modules’ section:
    • Health Tracking has been added to the list of modules.
    • Last Month and Last Three Months links have been added for Case Note.
    • The list of modules has been sorted alphabetically.
    • The search pages accessed by clicking on the Search links will auto populate the individual’s name.

  3. Go To section contains a list of links to other modules. Clicking on the links will direct the user to the respective module.

  4. ISP Programs section alphabetically displays the approved ISP Programs created for the individual. User can view the ISP Programs by clicking on the name of the form. Users can enter new ISP Data for these ISP Programs by clicking on the New link under the ISP Data column beside each ISP Program.

  5. Active Service Authorizations (Professional Claim) and active Service Authorizations (Institutional Claim) are displayed in separate sections under the ISP Programs. Billing Data can be entered for the Service Authorizations with method of data collection selected as ‘Billing Data Input’ by clicking on the Billing Data link beside the Service Authorization.
    Billing Data from this section can be entered if the Provider is non-NY and the method of data collection of the Service is ‘Billing Data Input’.

  6. Counts section will display the following counts:

    • ISP Data Acknowledge
    • ISP Program Worklist
    • ISP Program Approve
    • T-Log View
    • GER Worklist
    • GER Review
    • GER Approve
    • GER Followup
    • BER Worklist

    Clicking on the numbers will direct the user to the respective list of forms.

  7. Overdue section lists the overdue immunizations from the last 30 days. Clicking on a form name will open up that particular Immunizations form.

  8. Upcoming section lists upcoming appointments and immunizations within the next 30 days. Clicking on a form name will open up that particular form.

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Last Updated: Oct 17, 2016