Documentation : Appointments Module

The Appointments section in the Health Tracking module is the organizer to upcoming appointments for Individuals. It allows users to obtain the contact information of physicians/specialists and hospitals from a pre-populated list. This module also lets users specify the reason for the appointment, record appointment results, and include follow-ups on future appointments. Users can also follow up on future appointments. Each appointment can be assigned a High, Medium or Low notification level.

Specific Health Tracking roles are required to access this module. An Administrator at your agency needs to assign appropriate roles and privileges to users to grant them access to particular features of the Health Tracking Appointments module.

Health Tracking Roles

Submitted forms are automatically approved in Health tracking (HT).

HT Submit Save or Submit new HT Forms (Delete saved or submitted HT forms that were created by the user himself)
HT Update Update (Edit) Saved or Submitted HT Forms, Discontinue HT Forms, View Reports for different sections, View Monthly/Detailed Reports and search archived HT and Medication History forms
HT View View Submitted HT forms, Section Reports, Monthly/Detailed Reports
HT Delete Delete saved or submitted HT forms
Health Care Report Generate reports using Approved/Discontinued HT Forms, approved Individual Data Forms (IDF), and approved GERs
HT Review Use HT Review feature

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Last Updated: Feb 20, 2017