Users with the GER View role are able to view GERs in ‘read-only’ format. Users can generate printable versions of these reports. Users are able to generate PDF versions of incident reports for certain states.

  1. To search for GERs, click on the Search link beside the ‘General Event Reports (GER)’ option under the Individual tab of your Dashboard.

    Screenshot of Search link beside the GER option of Individual tab

  2. On the ‘GER Search’ page, the more parameters you choose to apply for search; the shorter and more specific the list of reports matching your preference will be. Performing a search without specifying parameters will show a list of available GERs.

Search by Programs

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Enter the program name in the Program (Site) field.

Search by Individual Name & Entered By

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You can also narrow down your search by filling in names for the Individual or Entered By fields. You can enter the First/Last name or both. Entering a few letters of the name will give you a list of names matching the letters entered.

Screenshot of Entered By field

Search by Form ID

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Providing a Form ID or just the part of the Form ID in the Form ID field, you can search for the desired GER. You can find the Form ID at the top of each GER.

Screenshot of Form ID field

Search by Entered Date or Event Date

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Select the date range (From-To) in the Entered Date field or Event Date field, specifying the date when the GER was entered or the date when the event took place. Choose the date by clicking on the calendar icon.

Search by Notification Level, Status and Event Type

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Choose one or more options when specifying the search, Status, Notification Level and Event Type fields or any of the others.

For users with GER Resolution module enabled

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Users who have the GER Resolution module enabled will be able to search for Addressed/Unaddressed GERs. Choose the Addressed GERs option or the Unaddressed GERs option beside the Show field.

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Last Updated: May 19, 2017