Documentation : Getting Started (with Attendance)

Documentation : Getting Started (with Attendance)

Before you start using Attendance, you need to make sure that your Administrator has created the Service Description Codes and Attendance Types.

Then the Attendance Types created by Administrators has to be linked to Services in the Service Authorizations.

Once the setup is done, you will be able to use the Attendance Module if you have been assigned the roles required to access it.

Attendance Roles

  • Attendance Data Submit
  • Attendance Data Update
  • Attendance Data Approve
  • Attendance Data View
Attendance Data States

State Description
Blank No Attendance Data Entered
Incomplete Attendance Data with ‘Time In’ but no ‘Time Out’
In Prep Submitted, not yet Approved
Approved Approved
Submitted for Billing (Billed) Billing Data Generated

Table: Attendance Data States

Screenshot of workflow of recording attendance data

Color Coding of Attendance States

"Image of color codes of the various stages of attendance data (Incomplete

Dashboard Links

You will be able to see the following links in Dashboard under the Billing tab depending on the roles assigned to you.

Screenshot of Dashboard link of Attendance under the Billing Tab

Last Updated: Dec 21, 2016