Documentation : Utilization Report

Documentation : Utilization Report

In order to generate a Utilization Report, please follow the steps mentioned below:

You will need the Billing Claim Status Check administrative role to generate Utilization Report. For more information on assigning administrative roles and managing user privilege, click here.

Screenshot of Electronic Billing roles section.

  1. In the Billing tab of the Dashboard, click on the Utilization link in the Report row of the Professional Claim or Institutional Claim sections.

    Screenshot of Dashboard view of Institutional Claim and Professional Claim with Utilization link beside the Report section highlighted.

  2. On the Utilization Report page, select the criteria for the report and click on the ‘Generate Excel Report’ button when done.

    Screenshot of Utilization Report generater page with Report type drop-down's Individual based option selected.

    Screenshot of Utilization Report with Individual Name text area highlighted along with other fields.

    For Monthly Utilization Report, users are required to enter a complete month as the Service Date range for generating the Monthly Utilization Report. Users will need to select an entire month to generate the report.

    Screenshot of Utilization Report with 'Please select full month' warning message.

  3. You may either open the report using Excel or save it in your hard drive.

    Screenshot of a system prompt message regarding opening or saving excel file.

  4. The following screenshots display a typical Yearly Utilization Report and a Monthly Utilization Report respectively.

    Screenshot of Excel Document of Yearly Utilization Report.

    Screenshot of Excel Document of Monthly Utilization Report.

Last Updated: Oct 5, 2016