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Last Updated: Aug 17, 2014

Individual Service Plan

I want to backdate ISP Data entry as I did not have time to document ISP Data on an Individual
The ISP (Data) Reports are not showing Staff Comments
Create an Individual Service Plan (ISP) Program
Maximum file size for an attachment to the ISP Program
I would like to add comments to every task in an ISP

General Event Reports

I used the wrong Individual's name while creating a GER and want to remove it.
I want to include comments for the submitter when returning a General Event Report.
I am unable to find any results based on my search for GER.
I want to report an event if I am unable to find it in the Event Type drop down list.
When I click on the PDF icon, I cannot open the file. It says 'The PDF for this GER is corrupted'.


I realized that there is a character limit in T-Log entries and want to know what to do if we have a lengthy T-Log entry.
Want to share the T-Logs that I created with other employees in my agency.
To create a T-log without assigning an Individual
Want to highlight something we write in the T-logs.

Secure Communications

I want to know the reason I am unable to see everyone I'm supposed to see in my 'Recipient List' while creating an SComm.
Three types of Custom User Groups explained
I want to know the reason I am receiving attachments in SComm messages that I do not have authorization to view.
I am unable to open an attached file and it asks me to convert the file
I want to add an attachment when composing an SComm message

Health Tracking

I entered a whole bunch of Medication Histories but they’re not showing up on consultation forms, the MAR, etc.
How to add more than one medication at a time for the same Individual?
Want to access Consultation Forms.
Steps to add medication in the Medication History section of the Health Tracking module
I want to access the old appointment reports

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