Last Updated: Sep 14, 2015
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Medication Administration Record (MAR)

With the new Medication Administration Record (MAR) module, users are able to track when a medication has been administered to an Individual along with any comments. On the MAR, all ‘Scheduled’ medications for the Individual appear on a monthly grid. Users can precisely schedule a medication by entering the Frequency, Starting from date and the Schedule Time into the Medication History form. Medications can then be administered as per schedule and recorded during each shift. Monthly MAR reports can be generated and exported to PDF format. This includes information such as Medication Name, Serving Time, Administered By, and Comments among many others.

Interfaced the First DataBank Drug Database

Medication History and MAR are now interfaced with the Industry Standard Drug Database from First DataBank, to make it easier for the users to access the medication information while administering. First DataBank provides some of the World’s most comprehensive and trusted drug knowledge bases. This interface significantly enhances both MAR and Medication History modules by providing users with easy access to relevant drug information including Drug Image, Drug Identification, Dosage Information, Precaution, Drug Disease Contraindications, Side Effects, Monographs and many more. This will lead to better individual care, improved clinical decision making, and will substantially lower the risk of medication errors.

MAR Data Submit Save forms, Enter Data, Generate and View Reports (Schedule and Existing Cells are Read-only)
MAR Data Update Same as MAR Submit + Add Schedule, Delete Data, View Archived Forms
MAR Data View View forms, Generate and View Reports
MAR Configuration Approve Configure MARs


Compliance with State MAR Regulations