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If you are a Therap user, whether a DSP or part of management, you can use various exciting tools we provide to learn or teach more about Therap. Go through the Training Guidelines on the right to help you understand what you might need to go over for training yourself or others about Therap.

Interactive Training

We have listed some new and innovative training content at this page. Feel free to try them out and send us your feedback on these. The latest of them is a series of Automated Training Modules, that explain a Therap module with the help of multimedia.

Automated Training

Automated Training is an animated series of training videos, where Therap's own virtual trainer, takes you to Therap's virtual classroom to learn about different Therap modules. She will jump from screen to screen showing you how to enter data into Therap, how to search for data and also how to relate different scenarios at work to what you do in Therap. These training sessions use images and cartoons to make learning more fun and feature small review quizzes at the end of some sections so you can test yourself. We hope they are as entertaining as they are helpful! Enjoy.

Starting Therap ( Duration: 3 min 06 sec ) Details | View

Therap Dashboard ( Duration: 5 min 38 sec ) Details | View

Help & Support ( Duration: 5 min 54 sec ) Details | View

GERs (Incident Reports) ( Duration: 16 min 07 sec ) Details | View

GER Resolution ( Duration: 5 min 28 sec ) Details | View

T-Logs - Progress Notes and Communication ( Duration: 11 min 10 sec )
Details | View

Health Tracking Explained ( Duration: 22 min 18 sec ) Details | View

MARs and Medication History ( Duration : 19 min 19 sec )
Details | View

ISP Data & Reports ( Duration : 29 min 59 sec ) Details | View

ISP Programs and ISP Program Templates ( Duration : 19 min 38 sec )
Details | View

Behavior Event Records ( Duration : 15 min 52 sec ) Details | View

Behavior Plan ( Duration : 5 min 53 sec ) Details | View

Secure Communications ( Duration: 11 min 28 sec ) Details | View

Searching and Reporting ( Duration: 04 min 59 sec ) Details | View

Training Management System (TMS) ( Duration: 29 min 01 sec ) Details | View

Personal Finance (PFIN) ( Duration: 09 min 43 sec ) Details | View

Provider Administration ( Duration: 36 min 38 sec ) Details | View

Individual Data Form ( Duration: 8 min 30 sec ) Details | View

Attendance (Duration - 5 min 09 sec) Details | View

Habilitation Plans (Duration - 7 min 31 sec) Details | View

MSC Notes (Duration - 6 min 34 sec) Details | View

Time Tracking (Duration - 7 min 39 sec) Details | View

  • Training For
    Provider Administrators

The automated training for Provider Administrators of agencies will introduce all the basic functionality that is essential to start using Therap for their documentation. It covers creating Programs and Sites and goes over the procedure for setting up access control using Caseloads and Super Roles.

  • Running a SCORM compliant LMS?

We've recreated some of our Automated Training for SCORM compliant LMS-es. They're still in Beta, but we're encouraging users to give it a try and give us your feedback. So far we've run a trial with one agency and gotten good feedback!

Training Resources

This is your gateway to learning how to use Therap.

Learning to use Therap?

If you are working on your own to use Therap, here you will find a list of resources that will tell you about the modules available in Therap to make your job easier.

On Site Training from Therap

Prepare for on-site training from the Therap trainers by following the guidelines outlined in the document below:
Therap Training Guideline

Teaching/Supervising a class on Therap?

If you are leading a class, if you are a Training Adminstrator, Supervisor or Instructor, we will outline here what to use to give your staff a good start on Therap's online documentation system. Continue

Certified Therap Services Trainers

From the Therap's Certified Trainers' Blog From the Therap's Certified Trainers' Blog

See what the Certified Trainers are saying about various topics:

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