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Individual Data

Page: I want to backdate ISP Data entry as I did not have time to document ISP Data on an Individual
Page: The ISP (Data) Reports are not showing Staff Comments
Page: Create an Individual Service Plan (ISP) Program
Page: In the ISP Data entry form, there are multiple + signs under each task
Page: I would like to add comments to every task in an ISP
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General Event Reports

Page: I used the wrong Individual's name while creating a GER and want to remove it.
Page: I want to include comments for the submitter when returning a General Event Report.
Page: I am unable to find any results based on my search for GER.
Page: I want to report an event if I am unable to find it in the Event Type drop down list.
Page: When I click on the PDF icon, I cannot open the file. It says 'The PDF for this GER is corrupted'.
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Page: I realized that there is a character limit in T-Log entries and want to know what to do if we have a lengthy T-Log entry.
Page: My T-logs are listed from newest entered to the oldest, I would like to know if I can change this so that when I read my logs it makes more sense and is easy to click the 'Mark as Read and Go to Next' button and read them in order.
Page: Want to share the T-Logs that I created with other employees in my agency.
Page: To create a T-log without assigning an Individual
Page: Want to highlight something we write in the T-logs.
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Secure Communications

Page: I want to know the reason I am unable to see everyone I'm supposed to see in my 'Recipient List' while creating an SComm.
Page: Three types of Custom User Groups explained
Page: I want to know the reason I am receiving attachments in SComm messages that I do not have authorization to view.
Page: I am unable to open an attached file and it asks me to convert the file
Page: I want to add an attachment when composing an SComm message
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Health Tracking

Page: I entered a whole bunch of Medication Histories but they’re not showing up on consultation forms, the MAR, etc.
Page: How to add more than one medication at a time for the same Individual?
Page: Want to access Consultation Forms.
Page: Steps to add medication in the Medication History section of the Health Tracking module
Page: I want to access the old appointment reports
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