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Individual Data

Page: I want to backdate ISP Data entry as I did not have time to document ISP Data on an Individual
Page: Change the name of an Individual without having to create a new Individual Data.
Page: Roles for the IPOP module and the access privileges granted to the user assigned the role.
Page: 'Reset' link beside a picture attachment.
Page: Attaching a photo to an Individual Data form.
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General Event Reports

Page: I submitted a GER and it showed up with a 'Returned' status.
Page: I want to put phone number for the witnesses in the Arizona state form.
Page: The users who appear in the recipient list when sending a GER via SComm.
Page: The meaning when the GER status is in 'In Prep'.
Page: I want to choose a different title while giving Review or Followup comments in CT state specific GERs.
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Page: My T-logs are listed from newest entered to the oldest, I would like to know if I can change this so that when I read my logs it makes more sense and is easy to click the 'Mark as Read and Go to Next' button and read them in order.
Page: I checked the read status in my T-Log and it says that I have not read the T-Log, although it is marked as read.
Page: Want to search for T-Logs without Individuals.
Page: Definition of tlogs, Tlogs, or T-Logs.
Page: Notifications for T-Logs disappear even though they have not been marked as read by me.
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Secure Communications

Page: I want to know whether it's possible to delete or remove a user's name from a custom user group.
Page: I want to know if it is possible to transfer SComm messages from one account to another
Page: I want to attach a seizure report to an SComm
Page: The MS-Word attachment opens to show me what looks like code
Page: Want to know if the sender gets notified when I press the 'I have read this message' button
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Health Tracking

Page: The reference of DATE fields when searching for Health Tracking forms (Appointment, Medication History, among others).
Page: Want to delete health tracking forms
Page: Want to access Consultation Forms.
Page: At section 2 of appointments page I cannot enter in a doctor's name
Page: I want to add followup appointments.
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