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Individual Data

Page: To find or edit Individual Data an Administrator.
Page: Steps to change the primary and secondary contacts
Page: I want to access existing forms of an Individual who is deceased or discharged from the agency
Page: A must to have the Individual's physician's address in ID.
Page: Updating an Individual`s information on Therap (or any other basic info).
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General Event Reports

Page: Want to know whether I have access to a GER once it is submitted.
Page: I want to select a witness in GER.
Page: I want to put phone number for the witnesses in the Arizona state form.
Page: Users who are able to see the name of the person under the 'Person Responsible' section in a GER.
Page: The meaning of severity level in medication error and want to know how to measure the severity level in medication error.
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Page: Users who can view the T-Log without an Individual
Page: Create T-Log without an Individual
Page: To create a T-log without assigning an Individual
Page: Definition of tlogs, Tlogs, or T-Logs.
Page: I am receiving T-Log entries from programs I do not have roles for
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Secure Communications

Page: I want to read attachments in SComm
Page: I want to save a message in SComm
Page: I want to know the reason behind the recipient list varying from message to another.
Page: I am unable to open an attached file and it asks me to convert the file
Page: Three types of Custom User Groups explained
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Health Tracking

Page: Height and Weight graph not displaying all the inserted data
Page: I want to delete a follow-up entry that is later cancelled, in the submit category of the health tracking section.
Page: The meaning of Day Without Menses field.
Page: I entered a whole bunch of Medication Histories but they’re not showing up on consultation forms, the MAR, etc.
Page: The reference of DATE fields when searching for Health Tracking forms (Appointment, Medication History, among others).
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