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9.1 FAQs

Page: Assigning the 'Multi Provider SComm' Role to a user.
Page: The option to reset users' passwords is unavailable although I am an Administrator.
Page: The reasons behind my not finding my T-Log (shift note) entries or T-Logs that I wrote
Page: I am unable to find the list of Provider Administrators while composing SComm messages
Page: Where to assign Reset Password Administrative Role to a User From
Page: I'm a Therap Administrator and I forgot my login information.
Page: Adding allergies that affect an Individual.
Page: Explanation of the terms Oversight Agency and Linked Provider.
Page: Search T-Log entries created a month or more ago.
Page: Discharging an Individual from the system.
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Individual Data

Page: Need to correct the spelling of the name of an Individual.
Page: Listing an Individual as a Guardian of Self .
Page: I would like to add comments to every task in an ISP
Page: Adding phone numbers and addresses for contacts.
Page: Attaching a photo to an Individual Data form.
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General Event Reports

Page: I want to report an event if I am unable to find it in the Event Type drop down list.
Page: The meaning of 'In Prep' status.
Page: As an Administrator at my agency I want to limit the types of events that users can see in a GER.
Page: The event location for GER does not show on the report even when I click on the checkbox that says 'same as program address'.
Page: I want to avoid situations when I fill up a form but was away for a while and when I returned I had timed out and the form I was working on was lost.
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Page: Want to get ID Notes, Shift notes, or Progress Notes in the system.
Page: Want to export T-Logs to Excel.
Page: Want to delete a submitted T-log.
Page: Want to know a simpler way to view 'Inter Program' T-Logs.
Page: Want to search for T-Log entries created on a particular date.
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Secure Communications

Page: I am unable to open an attached file and it asks me to convert the file
Page: Want to know whether Therap Customer Support can send a message to any user via SComm
Page: My list of sent Secure Communication Messages is getting long and want to know if I will be able to delete these items.
Page: I want to attach a seizure report to an SComm
Page: I want to save a message in SComm
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Health Tracking

Page: A user will view an appointment form saved by another user.
Page: How to add more than one medication at a time for the same Individual?
Page: At section 2 of appointments page I cannot enter in a doctor's name
Page: Explanation of the Dose, Total Count, Frequency and Total Dose fields in a Medication History Form
Page: Some names are missing from the Individual dropdown in Menses form.
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