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Individual Data

Page: Listing an Individual as a Guardian of Self .
Page: To add or discharge an Individual from a Program.
Page: Required fields for an Individual Data form.
Page: Adding phone numbers and addresses for contacts.
Page: 'Reset' link beside a picture attachment.
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General Event Reports

Page: It gives an error message when I go to approve a GER having witness reports.
Page: I want to select a witness in GER.
Page: Want to know whether I have access to a GER once it is submitted.
Page: I want to report an event if I am unable to find it in the Event Type drop down list.
Page: I want to print an approved GER with witness report.
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Page: Want to highlight something we write in the T-logs.
Page: Want to know a way to list T-Logs in order of creation rather than only the most recent ones.
Page: I realized that there is a character limit in T-Log entries and want to know what to do if we have a lengthy T-Log entry.
Page: Steps to create T-Log Without an Individual
Page: Create T-Log without an Individual
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Secure Communications

Page: I want to know the reason I am unable to see everyone I'm supposed to see in my 'Recipient List' while creating an SComm.
Page: Unable to find Linked Provider Users while composing SComm messages.
Page: Want to know if the sender gets notified when I press the 'I have read this message' button
Page: I want to save a message in SComm
Page: I want to know the reason I am receiving attachments in SComm messages that I do not have authorization to view.
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Health Tracking

Page: How to add more than one medication at a time for the same Individual?
Page: Height and Weight graph not displaying all the inserted data
Page: I want to access the old appointment reports
Page: I entered a whole bunch of Medication Histories but they’re not showing up on consultation forms, the MAR, etc.
Page: Explanation of the Dose, Total Count, Frequency and Total Dose fields in a Medication History Form
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