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  1. Click on the 'Secure Login' button at the top right corner of the Therap website

    Secure Login

  2. This will open the Therap Login Page. You will find English, Español, and Romanian links on the right side of the login area to select your preferred language. Information will be displayed in either Spanish or English depending on the option you choose.

    Therap Login page

  3. Enter the Login Name, Password and Provider Code of your agency in the login area of this screen to log on to the Therap system. Once you have successfully logged on, you will be directed to your Dashboard. Note that you must type Login Information exactly as they are given to you, including upper and lower case letters. If you enter them incorrectly you will be asked to enter them again. If after several tries you cannot log in, contact your supervisor or the Administrator.
    With Therap's system updates to ensure CCHIT compliance, login names will no longer be case sensitive.


  4. The page footer shows you the copyright information of the current version of Therap application. In the page, you will also find links to view our Privacy Policy, Legal Notice, and a few other useful and interesting pages.

    "Privacy Policy